Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a series of common curated questions + answers. If you have a question you do not see answered here, please feel free to complete our contact form or email us directly at

Are we a good fit?

We are not the photographers for everyone. And that's perfectly okay. Our clients understand the value of quality photographs, and they believe their photographs are worth investing in... knowing tangible images of their love will always be the primary instrument used to preserve their memories. Our clients  trust our artistic vision; they have felt a connection to our work and know what to expect in terms of style from us. Our clients value raw emotion. They understand the treasure of preserving honest moments, and they believe in the beauty of true notions.


Do you ever work with brands?

Yes, all the time! In February of 2016, we took on our first branding project, one with Solly Baby. Since then, we have worked to create website content and social media promotions for over 100 brands. Some recent projects include Tuft & Needle, Graze, Framebridge, Walker Edison Furniture, Daniel Wellington, Rugs USA, Pink Blush, Photobook Worldwide, Fin and Vince, Red Creek Kids, Rylee and Cru. If you are a brand and are interested in working together, or if you would like a copy of our media kit, shoot us an email and we will get it right to you. We'd love to work with you!


We're local to you, but can we travel some place a bit more scenic out of town for our shoot?

Oh yes. Absolutely. Are you envisioning you and your love(s) on a mountain top? Or an evening spent chasing waterfalls and hiking together? We often are too. These are so ideal to us.


Can you travel out of state or country to us?

Of course. We often travel for work and truly adore it. Exploring new landscapes and experiencing new cultures fuel our creative spirits in a way unparalleled. For more information on available dates, expenses, etc, shoot us an email and we will get to talking!


Where is your favorite place to shoot?

The pacific northwest. Hands down. Everything about that land speaks to us... deep in our souls. We'll take the rain and grey skies over clear and sunny any day. We're all about those moody tones, lofty cascades, rocky cliffs along the seashore. Though our roots are undeniably southern, our creative spirits have felt most fueled and at home whenever we are near to that beautiful PNW.


I'm anxious in front of the camera, but still want my images to evoke that honest, true emotion you're all about. Can you help me feel more comfortable?

If this is you, we understand and we care. And we wouldn't be doing our job or truly pursuing our passion if we left you to feel that way. One of the greatest things about capturing true emotion, rather than stiffly posed photographs, is that you have the freedom to act like we aren't even there. Nestle your head into his shoulder, kiss her forehead, lead her out into the evening sun, wrap up tightly in the shelter of each other's arms. Leave the angles and the magic to us. We're here to guide you, never here to make you feel uneasy. And we promise to give you only the most beautiful, true images distinct to your love.


Can you tell me more about your post-processing?

We carefully select the images to keep from our time together. And then we devote hours of our time to get them looking just right. A series of many (many many) self-taught tweaks go into crafting each individual image we send to you. We intently alter things like color tones, contrast, exposure, etc. We never alter bodies, but we do take the time to take a brush tool to any skin inconsistencies that may be distracting from the overall mood of the image. We truly believe in the :magic: of post processing, and seriously love it; even despite the achy hands it brings upon us at some evenings' end.


I'm a photographer too, can you help me with my editing/shooting technique?

YES. This is something we are so passionate about, because we know we all could use a little help sometimes. We currently offer mentorships, both in person and online. Visit :here: for more information, and feel free to shoot us an email if you're interested.


Do you sell your presets? 

We do not sell presets. BUT, we are passionate about helping others improve their editing technique and helping them find a style distinct to themsleves. We believe post-processing is at least half the magic of quality photography, and that primarily is what birthed our desire for mentorships. We'd love to connect with you.