Mentorships | learn & grow with us

Whether you are just venturing into photography, or already an experienced photographer but still looking to improve your shooting technique, post-processing, social media outreach, etc... we're here to help. We promise to be as transparent as we are able, to answer any and every question you throw our way, and to do it with only the greatest care and joy.



ONLINE | 90 minute session $200

Here we will sit down together and chat via Skype or Google Hangout, and discuss a topic of your choice (shooting technique, post-processing, social media outreach, etc). We'll dig deep and help you get to your heart behind your craft. We'll listen to your dreams, encourage you, and then we'll dream some more together. You'll ask us every question you can think of, and we will answer wholly and honestly. Whatever it is you may be struggling with, or looking to improve upon... we're here to help.


IN PERSON | Live Shoot & Coffee Date $300

These are ideal for any of our local friends to South Carolina, or any folks willing to travel to us. We will sit down and grab coffee or lunch together. We'll get to know each other a bit, and we'll chat about the topics you bring to the table, and answer all the questions you have for us. We'll ask you why you do what you do, in hopes of getting to the heart-root of it. We'll talk intensively together of things like branding & Instagram outreach, workflow, shooting & editing technique, etc. We'll discuss together the importance of capturing genuine moments + emotion. And then we'll go and make it all happen together out in the real world. We'll get creative, we'll dream, we'll laugh, and we'll shoot together until the sun goes down.