We are so glad you're here.

We have a deep, heavy passion for preserving raw, honest moments... because we truly believe those are the ones we will want to recall when our days and our flesh are rocked against the shore of time and begin to wear away. We strive to :feel: and to think deeply... for each other, for our sons, for all people and for the world around us.

We met and married young and have cherished every day of living alongside each other. While we adore the beauty of all true love in every degree... we have a particular passion for young couples and parents; having chosen and traversed that road ourselves. We believe young lovers should be left alone... to dream, to hope; never shoved inside the dark alleys of any stern, harsh logic.

As a mother + father of two young sons, we have beheld firsthand the beauty and the challenges of parenting, and the distinct wonder of childhood as a whole. We know that often the days are messy, chaotic, and truthfully sometimes just really hard. But we believe in the :magic: and joy of small, meaningful notions. There is an odd joining of sorrow and fervor that come along with seeing our children grow. And we are fiercely committed to preserving these fleeting days.


Photographs on this page by our friend Sussana Risser

Photographs on this page by our friend Sussana Risser